Black Rice Farming Live from Field

Black in color, known as Emperor's Rice, great in nutrition value, rich in iron and high in fiber to your plate directly from field.

Most nutritious rice is now grown in the field of rural village of WB, India. Modern agricultural technique has been adopted for farming one of the ancient rice to cultivate. Maintaining the traditional yet primitive farming methodology , recent advancement technique in agriculture has been aggregated to achieve the best cultivation in the field. Time-to-time updates of farming is LIVE here in our website and feel the farmer's hard labour in field. And also enjoy farming that usually farmers do in the field.

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Health Benifits of Black Rice

Black rice is a good source of several nutrients, particularly protein, fiber, and iron. Because of its high nutrition value, it has enourmous health benefits.



Feel free to ask us for any queries related to cultivation, Techniques and purchase option of the black rice. We would love to answer your interest.

Panchrol, Egra, Purba Medinipur, West Bengal, India.

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+91 89-67-364-994

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You can place your interset to buy authentic Black Rice or seeds from us. You will be confirmed about your buying option after the cultivation is done. Expected time of delivery is Jan - Feb'22. Price will be decided once whole process is done.